About the Book

Do you know how to catch a night crawler or a lamprey eel? Stella Does. Do you know when to pick a ripe Mayapple, or the sweetest ear of corn, or a wild strawberry? Stella will be happy to tell you how in this young adult novel.

In 1955, there are no iphones, or ipads or ipods available. Seat belts or car seats did not exist in the front or back seat of cars. Televisions were just becoming available to the average family. Gas was only $.19 per gallon! It was a different era.

Stella Ann Karvotsky is eleven years old in the summer of 1955 and tells a lively story about living with her family in a fish camp along a river in Pennsylvania. This is an important summer because they are trying to earn enough money to pay the bank note on their cabin. Stella helps care for her rambunctious four year old twin siblings, Stosh and Elsie, and willingly takes orders from her older brother Harry, whom she adores.

Daddy works in the city as a bakery sales man and only comes to the fish camp on the weekends. Mama handles the business of renting boats and cabins, and selling bait with Harry and Stella’s help.

For Stella, this is a summer of emotional losses and emotional growth. Events of this summer cause her to reflect on personal issues that are sometimes difficult for a girl of her age to resolve. In the forefront, she forms a very special friendship with a huge white horse and its owner. But most important to her, is by solving the mystery of an unresolved, crime, she may have been able to save the Cabin.




Stella's Special Summer


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